Artists are doing remarkable and inspiring things all over the world, and the lessons they have learned along the way can help all of us in our own endeavors.

The 13/13/13 Sketchbook Project was a journey to live with 11 collectives of artists across the globe that use art to revitalize their communities — and then transmit their techniques for creating influential creative projects to you.

131313 get inspired.002

to create your own world-changing creative endeavors by checking out the project blog

Animation by Abby Esterly

Animation by Abby Esterly of Abby’s Paper Trail


Still here?  Cool!  How about some background about how this project began?


In March 2012, I arrived in Cape Town, South Africa to work with a collective of street artists to spread the message that public creative expression can spark social change.  The street artist friends I made there are dedicated to spreading color, pride, and compassion, and our adventures together cemented for me how deeply creative individuals can impact their communities.  The 13/13/13 Sketchbook Project was sparked by an irresistible urge to compile the stories and insights of equally inspirational artists around the world.


Traversing the globe, I bounced from

September Map .002

Cross-pollinating from community to community, I resided in each location for an intensive 2-4 weeks.  In that time, I built trusting relationships, observed cultural practices, collaborated on artistic projects, interviewed local artists and community members, and conscientiously processed what I learned.

After a year of research, the 13/13/13 Sketchbook Project spawned Conversing Fire – which offers e-books and courses to equip artists with the tangible communication skills required to create a magnetic, authentic, compassionate, and fiery connection with their audience.

Click to learn more about Catherine J Howard and Conversing Fire.



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