Mexico Sketchbook Now Available as Free Download!

During the voyage to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in July, my hosts at Ojalá Niños were astoundingly hospitable.  It was an honor to spend two weeks surrounded by children who are avidly immersing themselves in art and reading despite the strain of economic instability at home.

San Miguel de Allende is chock full of artists who are actively envisioning how the arts can be used as an economically sustainable profession — both for adults who can teach tourists or for children who can create small items to sell in order to support their families.

The sketchbook — including my drawings, photographs, and the posts written for the blog — from San Miguel de Allende is now available!  Click here to download.

Teaser image San Miguel

Ceramic bench and doll outside of Veronica’s house. Veronica is the local director for Ojalá Niños, and her house doubles as classrooms for the kids.

All of the sketchbooks for this project are available for free.  Click the names of locations listed on the “Sketchbook” page to download the corresponding sketchbook.  Print as many copies as you’d like!  (If you are so inclined, feel free to upload the pdf to and have a softcover print-on-demand version created as a nice coffee table book.)

Once you’ve read the sketchbooks, please leave your comments on the blog!  How have you noticed the drawings changing over time?  Do certain drawings and posts work better than others?  I can’t wait to hear what you think.

If you love what this project is doing and want to see it continue, please consider donating today.  


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