What is “Good Art”?

The studio has been an intimidating place for me lately.  Now that I am back in my little apartment with all my oil paints and canvases and brushes, I feel the obligation to paint before I fly off to the next location – Toronto – for this project.  But, like many artists before me, now that I have the time and space to paint, I am running face first into a wall of paralyzing insecurity.

How do I power through this prickly, sticky, slippery, amorphous wall of anxiety?  By logical research of course!  [Don’t judge me.]  If I am terrified that I do not make “good art,” I need to understand the elements that comprise “good art.”  So far, I’ve got:

Good art pulls in seemingly disparate elements to create an aesthetically cohesive amalgamation.

“Self-Portait with World Spilling Forth” by Julie Heffernan

Good art touches and strengthens the core nugget of humanity that lies within your chest.

One sculpture from “Preludios y Partidas (Preludes and Games)” by Cristina Córdova.

Good art rips down the veil between “artist” and “audience,” revealing an inviting vulnerability within the artist and inciting reciprocation within the viewer.

“Morning Toilette” by Lotte Laserstein

Good art reminds us of the complexities – love, hate, violence, pain, compassion – of the human experience.

“Kara Walker’s My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love” by Kara Walker

What other elements make art “good”?

Featured Image: “El Rey” by Cristina Córdova.


2 responses to “What is “Good Art”?

  1. ….can you start with a little “Slap on Sam” and see where it goes from there? Play, waste, live, love, laugh. Make it colorful and sloppy and see what comes of it. Heard on the radio this a.m., everyone is “happy when they are skipping.” Do some skipping and see what happens to the paint! 🙂

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