Redirecting the Murmuration

Going out into the hustle and bustle of Berlin on the weekend is like participating in a National Geographic episode on collective intelligence.  Simply step foot inside Berghain and instantly dissolve into the pulsating masses that move as a single unit to a beat.  Or sit on a bench and observe the ebb and flow of traffic in a U-Bahn  station.  Or watch an artist become the nucleus to an entire crowd of people: the crowd rotates like electrons around him or her without ever interacting.

With animals, this collective mind is known as murmuration, flocking, shoaling, and swarming.  When a neighbor moves, so do you, thereby creating a larger adaptable immersive organism.

This instinctual collective brain holds a potent opportunity for change that artists can tap to impact their communities.

What elements of art are most likely to sway and attract the first few members of the flock so that the rest will follow?

What are your ideas for how we can tap into the power of our collective intelligence to create change?

(Featured Image from “Connections Collective Minds” from Nature Magazine, Issue 445)


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