Brainstorming Nuggets

This morning, I skipped down the sunny(!!!) Berlin streets with my jaunty blue beret on my way to a lovely meeting with Marianne Danling from people+people.  [Okay, so “skipping” might be an exaggeration, but smiling widely while walking down the streets of Berlin is just as out of place.]  Well, my giddy mood was only amplified when Marianne whisked through the door with her amazing smile, warm hugs, and vivacious energy.  Our boisterous conversation, full of hearty laughs and wild hand gestures, was quite out of place in a German Starbucks.

Last week, I was lucky enough to attend a discussion about open-source and crowd-sourcing platforms with Tomás de Lara during his visit to Agora.  Then points he made about collaboration and the “collaborative economy” got me thinking about how to create impactful and intimate communities online.   Then today, with Marianne, we talked about the importance of creating bridges for cross-cultural communication.  So, I’ve been thinking…

How can we connect with each other on a more intimate level through digital technology?  

If we were to build an online platform for creative people all over the globe who want to change their communities (similar to the “Think Global, Act Local” idea) what resources would you want to be available?  (Think local meetings, online chats, collaborative brainstorming sessions, downloadable guides about fundraising/leadership/team-building/collaboration/etc, apartment exchanges…)

What would energize you in your quest to create positive change where you live through the arts?

And, since completing any new big platforms would be off in the far distance, what can I do today to help you feel connected and supported?

Leave your responses below in the comments or send me an email!

As an aside, you all overwhelmed me with your support after the “Transparency is the uncomfortable precursor to a breakthrough” blog post.  Thank you so much for responding to my vulnerability with tenderness and reaching out with your own worries.  And yes, the insecurities did begin to dispel — after the initial dry-heave reaction of putting my personal business out there in the interwebs.

Oh!  And in case you haven’t “Like”d the 13/13/13 Sketchbook Project on Facebook, just want to let you know that anyone who shares any 13/13/13 Sketchbook Project blog post on Facebook before Friday at 11 pm EST gets entered into a drawing for a FREE paperback copy of the Finland sketchbook! (Please be sure to “Like” the 13/13/13 Sketchbook Project and include “@13/13/13 Sketchbook Project” in the post so I see it.)


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