Packing Entertainment

Tomorrow morning, I hop on the bus to Helsinki and then fly to Berlin.  So, what am I going to do during this last day?  Now that I have finished all the interviews?  Now that my sketchbook has been formatted and uploaded?

Nothin’, b*****s!

Actually, I will be cleaning, packing, reading, and generally preparing my brain to disconnect from “Finnish culture” and latch onto “Berlin culture.”

(As an aside, if you – guy or gal – are an over-packer, the website Her Packing List is fantastic for insuring you only pack the essentials and do so efficiently.  This site is one of the main reasons why I have been able to travel for 6 weeks with only a carry-on bag.)

So while I do laundry and pack that little carry-on bag, here are a few video morsels to bring a smile to your day.

Ed Sanders beautifully captured the surreality of living out in the isolation at Arteles.  The guys became quite inventive in their ways to create entertainment:

(Yes, cars do race around on the frozen lake. Yes, the kitchen is that messy.)

And, if you just really need a pep talk, you can thank Natascia Pica for sharing this one with me this morning:

And if you still need a way to procrastinate during work, this is the playlist that I created for Aaron Mandel over the weekend and which will probably be playing in between Veronica Mars episodes:


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