Crystallizing the Present

Yesterday, I was surrounded by a family who warmed my entire being with love and generosity.  And today, as I attempt to start my day, all I can manage is to stare out the window at the snow and birch trees with a journal flopped open on my lap and my headphones in my ears.

The most powerful emotions happen when the outside world is perfectly calm, and you are alone.  The wrong word or expression from another person can shatter the delicate veneer of glass that crystallizes the entirely world and enables you to be entirely present.

And so I sit, letting tender melodies carry the snow’s stillness deep into the recesses of my chest cavity.  Allow the aural roots from home to carry the silent tendrils of this place through my veins and settle deeply into my heart.

Waves of intense aching loss undulate with buoyant gratefulness for the love I feel.

The undiscussed dangers of traveling: falling in love with a place and breaking your own heart when you realize you must leave.


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