Sharing time!

Today is the celebration of the “un-Finnish-ed” exhibition/open studio day here at Arteles from 3-7 pm!  Come on by to check out what the artists are up to.  

Or, if you can’t attend in person, check out the catalog to see the work that will be on display from each of the residents: Simon Gardam, Bia Calil, Gustavo Pugliese, Joanne Drayton, Ed Sanders, Ryan Somerville, Suzanne Vincent-Marshall, and Susan E. Evans (and me, as I suppose is obvious).

Click here to download the Arteles “un-Finnish-ed” catalog.  (Cover by Susan E. Evans and layout by Catherine J Howard.)

The background music that I will be listening to as I finish setting up my work is attached below as an offer for you as you read the catalog:

Okay, now, please close your eyes and imagine that I am giving you a giant rib-crushing (yet tender) hug and a kiss on the cheek!


So much love for you and yours, and if I don’t see you today, I look forward to hugging you in person soon.


3 responses to “Sharing time!

  1. Nope, ‘Merica hates your choice of music apparently; maybe Ricky knows a way to get it pulled up so he can send it to me? I dunno.

  2. “The uploader has not made this video available in your country” – Sigur Ros video won’t play here in the states :o( so I’m making up in my mind what I think you’re listening to: Sugar Ross – Hippo-palooza. I like it :o)

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