Party time!

Come celebrate the launch of the 13/13/13 Sketchbook Project on Friday AND Saturday with food, music, wine, and lots and lots of hugs!  Learn more about the project, meet other fascinating creative thinkers, and perhaps even pre-order a few of the sketchbooks that will be released throughout 2013. Kids welcome!

Can’t stop by the parties?  You can still celebrate the launch of the 13/13/13 Sketchbook Project!

Bring 13/13/13 home for the holidays!   If you pre-order a sketchbook before December 21stshipping + handling is FREE, plus you will receive a FREE hand-drawn gift card by December 24th with information about the project, the country in which the sketchbook will be created, and the anticipated release date!  The hand-drawn gift card will be shipped to you, and the pre-ordered sketchbook will be shipped to the gift recipient the day it is released.

Party with 13/13/13 all year long!  When you become a sponsor at the $50 level, you will receive a big hug, a hand-drawn postcard, PLUS a handmade passport and invitation to 3 parties in 2013 where I will present the sketchbooks and give customized “stamps” in your passport for the countries I visited thus far.


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