Happy Holidays!

As a gift to all of you, I am offering a special deal to help during the holiday frenzy!

If you pre-order a sketchbook before December 21stshipping + handling is FREE, plus you will receive a FREE hand-drawn gift card by December 24th with information about the project, the country in which the sketchbook will be created, and the anticipated release date!  The hand-drawn gift card will be shipped to you, and the pre-ordered sketchbook will be shipped to the gift recipient the day it is released.

A great gift for an artist, reader, writer, student, teacher, or traveler!

Click on the links below to start ordering now or scroll down to learn more about each location!
Sketchbook images v 2.021

Sketchbook images v 2.019

Sketchbook images 2.015

Sketchbook images 2.017

Sketchbook images 2.016

Sketchbook images v 2.018

Sketchbook images 2.019

Sketchbook images 2.020

Sketchbook release date images.021

Sketchbook release date images.022

Sketchbook release date images.023

Sketchbook release date images.024

Sketchbook release date images.025

(Click on any image below to start the slideshow.)


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