It’s oh so peaceful until…

Today is installation day for my final exhibition in Raleigh (before leaving for 13/13/13) – colorCONSCIOUSness.

While in the emails-and-application-deadlines preparatory months before leaving on the 13/13/13 Sketchbook Project, the deluge of computer time required all my creative attention in order to craft a digital connection with other human beings.  I found that putting additional pressure on my artwork to be “meaningful” meant that I simply would avoid my studio, and the lacklustre creative energy began to creep into everything I did.

One early morning in October, I woke up to the warm sunshine streaming through the trees, creating delicate patterns of light on the blinds and hardwood floors.

The world was constantly surrounding me with beauty, and yet I had been ignoring it in order to force a preconceived idea of “value” onto my artwork.

Then and there, I decided that I would surround myself with color and energy and create drawings that made me smile.  Rubbing translucent sheets of paper with pastels allowed my brain to disconnect from a to-do list and tap into restorative childlike energy and playfulness.

Within a few days of making the decision to make my studio my playground, the walls were covered with pastel drawings of abstracted trees and leaves and flowers and peacock feathers.

The drawings in the colorCONSCIOUSness exhibition are brought straight from my studio walls and hung from the ceiling to allow you to surround yourself with this same energy and playfulness.

Installing the show “Sweet/Silent” at Scratch Bakery

Putting artwork on display that has been cocooned for months in the privacy of my studio has always been a gut-wrenching experience.

After all, I know that I love these little brain nuggets, but they’re just babies.  The outside world is rough!  What if the other big kids on the playground pick on them?

To get through the nerves, I just toss my headphones in.  This song usually gets me in the right frame of mind:

Stop by the show to take a deep breath, release your to-do list, and simply enjoy the colors.

colorCONSCIOUSness will be on display at Blake Street Studios in Raleigh from December 1 – 31.  Stop by to check it out during the second day of the Kick-off Extravaganza.  Hope to see you there!  (You can RSVP via Facebook.)

Oh, and just one final reminder!  The 34% off Early Bird Special ends December 1st!  Pre-order all 13 sketchbooks created during the 13/13/13 Sketchbook Project for only $250 to have them all shipped to you the day each is released, saving 34% off the retail price.


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