Coffee Table Meditation

When I sit down to type and put my feet up, without fail, the coffee table slides across the worn hardwood floor.

(The only way I know how to sit on a couch is to prop my feet immediately on the coffee table or ottoman or cat or anything else at approximately knee-level.  Perhaps it’s because my legs are unnaturally short and having dangling legs all the time is uncomfortable.  Perhaps it’s because I am unnaturally rude.)

Perhaps it’s this fight with discomfort that dislodges the hamster-wheel of my to-do list.

While fighting the coffee table late at night to cram in one more email, lyrical phrases unexpectedly pop into my brain and pour into word documents.

Swirling colors congeal into tangible images that fall from my pencils.

All the “rational” nerve receptors have been burnt out by the day, and the desires for the future melt into anxieties in the present into solace from the past.

These are the moments when I recognize the floating-outside-of-reality feeling that poets and painters and musicians have described when asked about their creative process.

The trance.  The arena in which hunger and sleep hold no sway.

We all pursue this floating connection to the universe that simultaneously drowns out reality.  Some of us through drugs, religion, and sex.  Some of us through the creation and ingestion of art.

How can you find a way to fight until you float today in a way that also betters the lives of the people around you, the people far away from you?

  1. Let go of the tv and mind-numbing substances.
  2. Listen to the experiences hidden behind what every person says.
  3. Write a lot.
  4. Paint a lot.
  5. Move your body a lot.
  6. Love someone more than you love yourself.
  7. Share what you’ve learned.

What steps are you going to take so that you can float today?

A life lived for art is never a life wasted

The greats weren’t great because at birth they could paint / The greats were great because they paint a lot

Generation of kids choosing love over a desk / They put those hours in / And look at what you get / Nothing that you can hold / But everything that it is

“Ten Thousand Hours”, Macklemore


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