This year, I have been touched by the Facebook meme of posting a little note every day about what you are grateful for.  The Thanksgiving holiday (in the USA) usually means politically incorrect Native American paper headdresses, gluttonous consumption of turkey and starches, too-orange pumpkin pie, and then consumerist Black Friday with its hoards clambering for deals on unnecessary crap.  (Wow… I’m such a spoilsport…)  This practice in being grateful every day is exactly what Thanksgiving should be about.


Not This

As the month of November comes to a close, and December looms as the final month of preparation, I cannot help but to be overwhelmed by gratitude for the support that I have received for this project.

I raise a bite of pumpkin pie and tip my Pilgrim hat to all of you who have read through proposals, listened to anxious ramblings about the pros and cons of each location, read blog posts, given interviews, passed the project website around to friends, sent little notes of encouragement, and just been generally awesome.

Whether you live in the USA or not, take a moment in the next day to give a hug to a person you are especially grateful for.  And just as importantly, take a moment to treat yourself to a nap or a good book or a piece of pie.  It’s my way of telling you that I am grateful for you


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