One swirling mass of unknowns

Life is just one giant, swirling, fluttering mass unknowns.  As an extremely type-A personality (you may have seen my calendar), I fight this reality every day.

We like to believe that we can predict our futures.  That we can plan a “career track.”  That if we go to the same job every day, then we can schedule appointments, vacations, career goals, promotions.  That we can say that in twenty years then we will go on that trip.  That we know our friends and family will always love and support us.

But nothing happens that way.  We get sick.  A family member dies. We miss a flight.  We get in a car accident.  We get fired.

That we can never be certain of where the universe will take us a day, a month, a year, or twenty years from now is what makes human life uniquely beautiful and fulfilling.

Right now, practically every functional element of this project is unknown.  I’ve spent months sending emails, building the relationships around the world that will enable this project to happen.  But in the end, nothing is certain.

Who knows where the funding will come from, who will connect me with new people, who will be excited about promoting this project, what my experiences will be, if I will will even get to all these places.

Who knows if I’ll make my flights, what the personalities of the people I will be living with, how deeply the weather will affect my mood, how my relationship with my partner will fare, if I will get seriously ill.

All I can know for certain right now is that I have purchased my plane tickets to Finland and Berlin.  That’s it.

The uncertainty is the most exciting and intriguing part.

Goals guide my priorities; over-organizing is my security blanket.  However, this project is my way of forcing myself — a “trial by fire” of sorts — to be comfortable with the fact that we cannot predict much of anything and to adapt fluidly according the the situation.

If you want to help make this project a little more certain (and learn about how the arts rejuvenate communities), then your contributions will insure the 13/13/13 Sketchbook Project grows and develops.

Visit the “Support” page to learn more about the sponsorship levels or click the button below to donate.


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