Responsibility AFTER Election Day

Oh, did you guys know it was election day?  Well, fancy that!

Americans will yammer themselves into a frenzy and anxiously (or I guess, for some, apathetically) await the results of a seemingly endless election season.  However, in the end, what have we all really done?  Put a few marks on a sheet of paper and blown a whole lot of hot air.

No matter the results, the sun will rise tomorrow, and, unfortunately, many of us will feel like we can now foist the responsibility for social and economic equality onto the shoulders of elected officials who are as equally imperfect as we are.

Sorry to burst that electoral-fervor-bubble, but our responsibility to others does not end with a single sheet of paper (or electronic key stroke).  Civic duty and social responsibility are still dire needs after the election campaign gears cease churning.

Our responsibility to others necessitates complete immersion of our whole, imperfect, human selves and dedication to the promise of the future.  Not just a single act once every four years.

So, tell me…

What actions are YOU going to take after the election to make your country and this world a more equitable and compassionate place?

Here a some links to help you start thinking about your answer:

[Footnote: This post is not advocating for people not to vote.  VOTE!  It is an imperative duty and honored privilege of citizens of democracy.]


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