The endless puzzle

Have you seen my iCal?

thrive on “scheduling”; my daily tasks are really just one giant game of Tetris.

But, dude… This is just getting to be NUTS.  (And bananas… and ice cream sundaes… is it lunchtime yet?)

Any time I move one flight because of a discount or any time I change my mind about which family to stay with because of scheduling conflicts, there is a cascade of changes that must be made to each and every subsequent date and arrangement.

“Well, duh,” you may say.

But let’s consider the sheer number of decisions that must be made here:

  • 30 total flights, 4 bus rides, and 2 train rides
  • 15 locations to coordinate housing
  • 3 tech devices that require usable WiFi internet

Multiple it out, and that is 1,620 decisions to be made each time.

Not to mention the planning required for the two massive upcoming events which will be responsible for fundraising the bulk of the $50,000 required for this trip.

Image courtesy of Ashland Daily Photo

Again, I love being a neurotic Type-A organizing fiend.  And in this situation, my passion for multi-page Excel spreadsheets and iCal is put to good use.

But y’all, even I didn’t expect this.  This s*** is bananas.  B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

And I am loving every freakin’ minute of it.


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